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    Challenges & Solutions

    While the client had a great product they had a disconnect with their target market and we used modern technology to create a systematic process that connect their message to market.

    Now instead of hard pushy sales process the lead magnets and funnels we created attracts each new client based on their own personal needs.

    This systematic approach not only increases conversion but allows followers, supporters and fans to share the value they receive with others more easily.

    Key Benefits

    Ability to target and attract the best clients

    Free up time to focus on growing business

    Establish a scalable growth system

    Cohesive communication line with ideal customers

    Results We Achieved

    Doubled Follower Count

    Started with only a few thousand followers on twitter and within 3 months we doubled that amount and increase interactivity.

    Grew Email List To 10K

    With a central email list client had to start fresh with ads we used their ppc campaign to build a huge list that allows them remarket to clients.

    Increased Net Profit

    By developing a few additional upsells within their client pathway we increased net profit without increasing ad spend.

    Tracy C.

    Owner, Get Gorgeous

    "The team is awesome and knowledgeable"

    If you are willing to invest in your success rather than wasting time Claudia and her team gets your message to market dialed in and has a holistic approach to provide everything you need from one central source!

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